Equipping Pregnancy Centers to Defeat the Abortion Empire


To serve women seriously considering abortion with live-saving ethical healthcare where they are now making their abortion decisions—online.

Two Problems

The abortion industry is shifting to online chemical abortion.

  • In 2021, abortion providers launched over fifty online business—the fastest growing segment of the industry.
  • In December 2021, The FDA permanently lifted restrictions on abortion pill access by mail.
  • This scheme causes women to make abortion decisions online within twenty-four hours of an at-home pregnancy test without a proper diagnosis.
  • Women are having unsafe abortions at home, alone.
  • Over 50% of all abortions are chemical, which is four times more dangerous.
  • Abortionists are providing easy across state lines access, often with government assistance.

Pregnancy center marketing has been censored.

  • Government and Big Tech are colluding to aid the abortion industry by suppressing search results related to pregnancy centers.
  • Google is actively censoring pregnancy center search ads with warning labels.


  • Equip pregnancy centers with a telemedicine platform and tools to reach and serve women before she makes her abortion decision.
  • Reduce access time to a prolife nurse from 24 hours to 24 seconds.
  • Provide access to patients, free from Big Tech interference, by leveraging a new national telehealth organization distinct from any association with a pro-life entity.


At no cost to pregnancy centers, CompassCare will provide:

  • The platform interface and tools to work with patients online.
  • The organizational and patient service training to effectively use these resources.
  • Marketing content, strategy, and the marketing purchase process.
  • The vehicle to access patients, free from Big Tech interference.

Pregnancy Centers will provide local marketing costs and nursing personnel to accommodate the increased patient load.

Develop and launch an
independent telehealth platform:


+ Marketing and Staffing

CompassCare TeleCare platform:


+ Marketing and Staffing


Early returns from pilot testing suggest a high level of effectiveness for telehealth marketing and service delivery.

*For appointments within 1 hour of scheduling.

You Can Save More Lives with TeleCare

Reducing the time it takes for a prospective patient to see a nurse increases patient access, and therefore lives saved.

Read the full article here.

Local pregnancy centers will be fully equipped to compete with and defeat the abortion empire.  One full-time equivalent nurse can serve 1,200 women in one year, with a conservative estimate of saving 600 preborn baby boys and girls.