Product Features

Feature rich. Highly secure. Fully customizable.

Streamlined Patient Services

Optimize is a comprehensive software system that integrates scheduling, services processes, charts, database, reporting, and inventory management into one streamlined solution.

Efficient Records Management

Stop spending hours on double data-entry, managing paper charts, and correcting incomplete or inaccurate data. Your patients’ complete electronic medical records are stored in one convenient location.

Security and Credibility

Optimize is built on the platform, the world's leading CRM. Full-featured security controls ensure that your patient data is always safe.

Continuous Improvement

Optimize simplifies administration and affords insights for targeted improvement efforts through easy-to-understand reports and dashboards enabling you to get better faster.

Robust Reporting

Your full suite of reports is never more than a few seconds away. Real-time reporting means you never have to wait for staff to catch up on data entry in order to view progress toward your goals and track trends.

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Streamlined Patient Services

Thorough Customization

Relevance matters and no one knows your patients like you do. Make Optimize your own with your questions, forms and documents. Take as much control as you want, or have us do the customization work for you.

Consolidated Services

All aspects of the patient services process are accessible in a single application – scheduling, appointments, patient chart, reports, etc.

Advanced Scheduling

Integrated appointment calendars for desktop and mobile devices allow your team to schedule appointments with scripts at their fingertips wherever they are. Plus, online booking integration allows your patients to securely book or request their own appointments right from your own website based on your current availability.

Patient Self Registration

Optimize includes highly secure patient access for registration, exit surveys, online appointment requests, and many other interfaces without actually logging into the software.

Organized Medical Inventory

Easily track your stock of medications and tests, and track which patients got which items by lot number and expiration date. With custom low-inventory and expiration notifications, inventory management is simple again.

Individual, Customized Patient Resource List

Add as many patient resources as you want to Optimize. For each patient, just click on the ones that are relevant for them, and print up their own personal, customized list.

Simplified Follow Up

Optimize makes follow up simple and accurate, automatically recording necessary follow-ups, prompting you when it’s time, and tracking each encounter. Don’t miss another scheduled follow-up opportunity.

Convenience for Off-Site Medical Directors

Off-site medical directors can directly access charts and exam reports, and sign off from their computer or smart phone.

Efficient Records Management

Streamlined Data Entry

From scheduling to appointments to follow-up, your staff can enter data directly into Optimize while they interact with patients using computers or tablets. Patients can privately and securely fill out registration forms, sign consents, and complete surveys directly in Optimize.

Paperless Records

Optimize contains a complete electronic medical record, so you never have to file another paper chart. Save time, space and money, and make chart access faster and more convenient, all while ensuring that your data is more secure than ever before. Off-site medical directors can directly access charts and exam reports, and sign off from their computer or smart phone.

Increased Data Accuracy

It’s hard to forget a step or question because it is all right in the system in the order of what to do or ask and how to ask it. And Optimize prevents you from forgetting to have a patient sign a consent form because it’s built into the process.

Faster Staff Training

Cut your training time in half! Optimize is a step-by-step guide through each patient interaction. With the scripts you need right where you need them, new staff never have to feel lost. An integrated staff-training platform allows managers to build custom training modules and track staff progress, simplifying onboarding and drastically reducing training time.

Security and Credibility

Enhanced Credibility

Today's patients expect their medical professionals to be using electronic records. Optimize will increase your professionalism in the minds of your patients, and your colleagues in the medical community will be delighted to receive nicely formatted, easy to read medical records.

Increased Data Security

Optimize is built on the platform, the world's leading CRM. Full-featured security controls ensure that your patient data is always safe. And there is no need to compromise patient privacy by carrying paper files to an off-site medical director.

Electronic Signatures

All signatures can be captured electronically, enhancing security by eliminating the need for paper files.

Continuous Improvement

Get Better Faster

A simple innovation-tracking suite makes identifying, implementing, and evaluating process improvement ideas a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Establish goals for specific metrics and assign leading indicators to them. Optimize automatically tracks your progress toward those goals.

National Network

Optimize Centers join a national continuous improvement network. Together, we identify top performing centers in a specific category, determine what makes them so effective, and work to quickly and easily test potential improvements within our individual centers.

Robust Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Streamlined data entry during patient engagement means real-time feedback for staff and managers.

Track Trends

Quickly spot trends through the advanced reporting capabilities.

Compare Staff Performance

Easily track staff and compare staff effectiveness in a number of areas.

Single-Page Mater Reports

Capture all critical data in a single-page report including previous year comparisons, tolerance ranges, and color coding to easily see determine your performance for each metric tracked.

Optimize enables us to be relevant to the generation we serve... and to stay current with today’s expectations regarding health services.

Gayle IrwinCasper, WY

Eliminating paperwork is another HUGE benefit. Because it is an electronic system, there is no need to wait and do data is done as you go, reducing likelihood of error and streamlining the office.

Becky WoodProduct DDublin, GA

Optimize is super-efficient and very easy to use, substantially cutting down on our charting time. It allows us to more readily engage in crucial conversations rather than flipping through pages on a clip board during an exam. I can't imagine going back!

Kathy Mauer, RNRochester, NY

Optimize is so user-friendly. We can easily look up and find information if a patient calls without running to find a chart. It's so nice to have our medical director sign electronically rather than hand-carrying charts to be signed.

Sally Heyer, RNCasper, WY

Optimize easily cuts our documentation time in half! The CompassCare team is quick to help with any issues or concerns we have.

Jill Miller, RNDublin, GA